About Us

We are Taipei City Sanyu Elementary School - [Sanyu on Attack] - Cyberfair project team.




Our Research

Utilize IoT and gas detectors to provide a safer and more comfortable shopping environment for Shidong Market.


Targets of Reconstruction

Our Study Process


Discussion of Research Topics

We first selected the places like Shidong Market, Sanyu Temple, Zhi Shan Yan and Tianhe Park and finally selected Shidong Market by way of voting

Mind Map Drawing

The teachers mentioned that a mind map can guide us to make the webpages and research topics without getting lost.

Hands-on Experiments

The air quality can be found out by utilizing the concept of IoT and Arduino in combination with the gas detectors, thus increasing the comfort and safety of shopping.

Wonderful Photos

Our Study Process.

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Experimental equipment

These are the gas detection equipment assembled by the teachers and us with a total number of two.

Equipment 1

Built in with the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and MQ-135 gas detector, this equipment has the functions to detect the temperature, humidity, natural gas, alcohol, ammonia gas, etc.



Equipment 2

Containing a MQ-9 gas detector, this equipment possesses the smoke and carbon monoxide sensing functions.



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