Existing ways

combination with IoT

In addition to creating a more comfortable and safer space with the self-made equipment in combination with IoT by us, let’s take a look at the latest technology application in Shidong Market currently.

shopping without taking paper money

To realize the vision of grocery shopping without taking paper money and making change, Taipei City Shidong Market opens the EasyCard “beep” payment, 41 public markets in New Taipei City have established the mobile payment comprehensively and it even doesn’t need to pay cash when tipping the street artists in Tamsui Market. The mobile payment is popularized universally, bidding a formal farewell to the cash ear. Now the moms don’t need to pay cash for vegetable and meat shopping as long as holding a EasyCard with the payment able to be made with only a “beep”. The bright and clean shopping and consumption space as well as the rapid and convenient smart payment has completely overturned people’s impression on the traditional market.


The fishy smell of raw and fresh food and wet walkways of the traditional market are no longer seen in Tianmu Shidong Market; instead, it has bright space as well as spacious and clean walkways. After the façade beautification, EasyCard has been accepted in Shidong Market, which has become the first traditional market where the EasyCard can be used. So far nearly 40 stalls are installed with the induction machines. Not matter for vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, flowers, hardware, grocery, cooked food or snacks, people have one more convenient choice for grocery shopping payment where people don’t need to bother counting money or finding change, and the vendors also don’t have to be busy counting money and making change with confusion.