Introduce Tianmu by information technology

AI robot

Robot theater

Operate robots by programming to present the life experiences in Tianmu through the form of drama. The story consists of people and the interesting things happening in department stores and architectures.

Scene 1: Origin of the name of Tianmu
Scene 2: Computer promotion battle at the department stores

3D architecture model designed personally

3D printing architecture exhibition

Draw the famous architectures in Tianmu region using the street view of Google Map and TinkerCAD, and 3D print them by photocuring. This is our learning outcome after the in-depth observation of Tianmu architectures.

Model 1: Wuhsiang Residence
Model 2: Huaku Sky Garden

Research Purposes

Knowing about the place that we live and the future development based on the foreign culture and ethnic groups of Tianmu, the operation guideline of the operators of department stores, and the design philosophy of architectures.

We completed all tasks on our own, from the discussion of theme, the planning of mind map, the use of information technology, the design of script, to the drawing of 3D picture.