Project and Members

Project Narrative

(1)Project Narrative

Project URL: Cyberfair main site
Our School's Web Site: Sanyu Primary School website
Project completion date: 2021/03/5
School: Sanyu Elementary School
County: Shilin District, Taipei City
Teachers: Mr. Li-wei Sung, Mr. Ta-tseng Shen, Ms. Man-Ning Wang
Number of students: 8
Ages of students: 10-12

(2) Project Overview

Category: Historical Landmarks
Description of Our Community:
Tianmu is largely located in Shilin District of Taipei City, and partly in Beitou District. It is adjacent to Yangmingshan National Park on the north and east sides, borders Huang River and Shipai on the west, and is connected to Lanya on the west. The area that is outside of Chishanyan is close to Waishuang River and Shilin. Our school is Sanyu Elementary School, and is located in Shilin District, Taipei City. Our school won the honor of “2020 Taipei City 111 Beanchmark School”. Sanyu Elementary School expects to provide the children with the learning place where they can "properly develop for self-realization", integrate the school development vision of "health, harmony, study", and conduct effective transformation between knowledge and ability by professional teaching course under the basic demands of three studies in life, i.e., "life health, ecology harmony, life study", so as to cultivate the students with a healthy and excellent world vision who are both active and gentle.

Summary of Our Project:
We live in Tianmu. Why are there so many department stores in Tianmu? Why are there so many high-grade residences and foreigners here? We'd like to know about the reason. Thus, we select several phenomena that we observed for research. Firstly, why are so many large department stores gathered here? Secondly, why are there so many expensive high-grade residences in Tianmu? Thirdly, why the architectures in Tianmu are integrated with Western and Japanese style? We will deeply discuss the relevance of people, architecture and department store in Tianmu from the three points above. In addition, it is worth mentioning that we also use robots to perform the little plays of daily life situations in Tianmu and 3D printing to design the famous buildings of Tianmu.

Our Computer and Internet Access:
The network of school is provided by the Ministry of Education. The environment is good on the whole and the teachers can solve the problems for us.

(3) Project Elements

Please explain and describe what information technologies do you use to finish your special research plan? For example:
1. Telephone and E-mail: Contacting the interviewees of construction company by telephone.
2. Video recorder camera and digital camera: Making movies and taking photos during the interview.
3. Scanner: Scanning hand drawings, for the website.
4. Recording pen: Used for interview records and producing transcripts.
5. Computer software:
Photocap/Notepad++/TinkerCAD/coggle/kebbit AIR CodingLab/Google map/Word/chitubox 3D printing slicer


Team members







Since I came to Cyberfair project, I have been very happy. As I like this type of course very much, I came to participate in it. I was very excited when I first came here as I can have my favorite classes. I studied carefully to learn more knowledge. I have many friends here, and I have a good time. The teachers are very nice, and I learn happily.


I am very honored to participate in Cyberfair project as I have been longing for this type of competition for a long time. My interest is computer. With this opportunity, of course I will take it. My greatest advantage is that I am forgettable. The teacher reminded me of applying the day before the expiration of application so that I have the opportunity to enjoy the happiness of cooperating with my team members. I learned new knowledge that I did not know before. I am very happy to learn and grow!


I did not know the usage and intention of program code before until I join Cyberfair project. Gradually, I deeply learn program block, program code of robot, and website editing step by step. The achievement of our joint efforts is sure to yield positive results. I think that the most exciting thing of Cyberfair project is 3D drawing.


I am happy to be selected as one of the members of Cyberfair project. I also learn many things and programs that I have never learnt before, and the basic single words of program code. I also wrote Kebbi program to make it talk and tell stories. I hope that I can learn more things about program code and robot so that I can make web page by myself!


I am glad to participate in Cyberfair project. I have learnt how to use TinkerCAD and 3D printing and how to make web page. The world is technology oriented, and these technologies are sure to help in the future. Cyberfair project also enhanced the friendship with my friends, enriches my winter vacation. I hope that it will help me in the future work and I'd like to participate in Cyberfair project in the next year.


I'd like to extend my gratitude to the teachers' inculcation when I learned in Cyberfair project. They taught me HTML and 3D printing which may help me in the future. During the learning course, I often thought that I cannot make it. But when I started to work, I felt that they were not that difficult. I felt that the interviewers were more nervous than us during the interview. I have become more experienced and I'd like to participate in Cyberfair project g again in the next year.


People can learn many things in Cyberfair project. Drawing architectural model by TinkerCAD makes my drawing skills, concept of space, and power of observation better. On my way home every day, I often observe many things that I have never noticed before. Recently, I am challenging to draw a building made of my favorite characteristic buildings from many countries. It allows me to strengthen the concept of area and volume, learn many fresh new when searching data on line, and experience something that others cannot. It is like the place that we made the interview—Huaku Sky Garden. Few people have the opportunity to enter this mansion. I hope that everyone can actively participate in Cyberfair project.


Hello, everyone. After I participated in Cyberfair project, I met many boys from Grade 5. They have great computer techniques.

Work Distribution List

member Work Content Percentage of Contribution
Team members:
Kuan-Yen Chiang
Han-Ting Huang
Shih-En Chiu
Bing-Chen Chung
Yu-Heng Sun
Chuen-Yu Huang
Chia-Hsiu Huang
Nai-Rong Hu

1. Setting the theme
2. Interviewing the interviewees or relevant people
3. Photographing
4. Recording the interview contents and writing the transcripts
5. Preparing the interview outline
6. Editing the image-text data
7. Making the meeting records and writing the transcripts
8. Organizing the literature and classifying the materials
9. Making the web page
10. Producing the film
11. Programming
12. Kebbi robot scripts
13. Designing 3D model architecture by TinkerCAD
Mr. Li-wei Sung
Mr. Ta-tseng Shen
Ms. Man-Ning Wang
1. Convening working conferences
2. Analyzing the project structure
3. Controlling the project progress and arranging the work
4. Assisting students to preparing the special name plan
5. Tutoring back computer skills
Mr. Chao-sheng Liu of Phonho Design
Ms. Lin of Huaku Development
1. Huaku Sky Garden design philosophy
2. Wuhsiang Residence design philosophy
Mr. Li-wei Sung
1. Technical guide of web page making
2. Technical guide of film production
3. Programming guide