Time of establishment, Development process, Floor planning, Special brands, Special activity

Department store

Why there are three large department stores in the little Tianmu area?

We believe that the reason for owning three large department stores is: There are many foreigners in Tianmu area with diversified demands for goods. Thus, the goods from many countries are sold here, gradually forming the characteristics of every store. Meanwhile, every store provides good business volume. In addition, the phenomenon of industrial cluster is also observed that although the stores compete with each other, they also see the disadvantages of others, so as to improve the problems. They also see the possibility of mutual cooperation. Every department store has their exclusive goods or activities, and also arrange goods promotion at different times to reduce the homogeneous malicious competition.

Time of establishment

Three department stores opened for business at different times. In particular, Dayeh Takashimaya has the longest history and has always been dominated exclusively in this area as the sole department as well as one department store jointly cooperated by Japanese and Taiwanese companies.

Dayeh Takashimaya was open for business on November 1, 1994.
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi was open for business in December 2004.
SOGO was open for business on May 22, 2009.

Development process

Dayeh Takashimaya:

It was open for business after it was established in 1994. Because of years of operation and internal planning, it was renovated in 2014. Based on the large renovation engineering—REBORN Plan, the facility was updated, dozens of brand-new brand counters were introduced, and the famous transparent pyramid landmark was demolished. New entrance and exit using inclined roof were used to replace the transparent pyramid. In May 2016, as the benefits after renovation was not as good as expected, and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and SOGO joined the Tianmu business district in recent years, the operating pressure was intensified. As a result, Takashimaya decided to withdraw the capital, and Dayeh Group took over comprehensively to only keep brand authorization and technical operation.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store:

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is a property affiliated to Cathay Life Insurance with the business area of 8477m2. It was intended to be handed over to Pacific Department Store for operation, but the cooperation between Far East Group and Cathay Group failed later so that Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Tiamu Store stationed. Far East Group cooperated with Yangde Group, and SOGO Tianmu Store was opened near MRT Zhishan Station in 2009.

SOGO Tianmu Store:

Near MRT Zhishan Station, SOGO is located at the intersection of Sec. 6, Zhongshan N. Rd. and Zhongcheng Rd., and it used to be the old plant of Shilin Power Plant. The manager of SOGO Tianmu Store Shu-Hsien Hsu said that the business performance of the first year is expected to be NTD 4.5 billion. The land owner, Shihlin Electric & Engineering, is responsible for building the main structure. SOGO Tianmu Store takes over electro-machinery, air conditioner equipment and manufacturer decoration. Besides, it is also the first department store in Taiwan to acquire the carbon label in the "retail service" category. It also acquires the certification of product print, footprint, and water footprint issued by Taiwan Test Technology Company. For the precise use of energy, solar panels and water recycling system are installed on the roof to collect and recycle the rainwater for the supply of irrigation and the cleaning of toilets. About 15,120 mt of water can be saved by using the recycled rainwater, meeting the green target of carbon reduction. The details of babbling water scenery, wood landscape beside the escalator, and yellowish illumination can be seen in SOGO Tianmu Store, creating a feeling of home and making people to linger for a longer time. This feeling is greatly different from the traditional image of store which is too cold.

Floor planning

Dayeh Takashimaya:

B1: Dayeh Aquarium, Delicate pastry gift, Gourmet snacks, Fast food, Fresh food supermarket, Life service, Sports/family leisure cloths, Chinatrust service desk
F1: International fashionable boutique, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Women's shoes, Clocks & Watches/Glasses, Professional beauty and skin care, Service counter, Coffee bar
F2: GAP, Fashionable women's wear, Sundry goods & Accessories, Jeans clothes, Professional clothing alteration room, Coffee bar, Tax refund for foreign tourists
F3: Gentleman's suits, Children hair salon, Children club, Toys, Baby haberdashery, Outdoor travel haberdashery, Leisure golf, Men's underwear, Men's shoes, Accessories, Restaurant
F4: Restaurant, Tableware, Bedding, Women's pajamas, Domestic sundry goods/Fragrance, Clocks & Watches/Glasses, Small gallery, Bookstore, MUJI
F12: Restaurant, Home appliances, Kitchenware, Activity club, VIP service center, YOHO club

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi:

Hall A B1: Food and beverage, Specialty stores, Supermarket
Hall A F1: Jewelry, Accessories, Parts, Cosmetics, Women's shoes, Lady bags, Famous products, Special stores, Household articles
Hall A F2: Household articles, Women's shoes, Lady bags, Women's garment, Coffee shop, Cosmetics
Hall A F3: Women's garment, Jewelry, Accessories, Parts
Hall A F4: Household articles
Hall A F5: Men's commodity, Leisure, Sports, Travel
Hall A F6: Children commodity, Underwear, Pajamas
Hall A F7: Food and beverage
Hall B B1: Sporting goods
Hall B F1: Jewelry boutique
Hall B F2: Boutique clothing
Hall B F3: Gourmet restaurant

SOGO Tianmu Store:

B1: Life supermarket, Famous store food, Taxi stand
F1: International boutique, Cosmetics, Women's shoes
F2: Fashionable women's wear, Maid casual wear, Parts
F3: Women's clothes, Jewelry, Diamond, Gold, Jewelry accessories, Underwear and pajamas, Fragrance
F4: UNIQLO, Golf clothes, Outdoor goods, Socie beauty
F5: Men's apparel accessories, Sports and leisure, Jeans clothes
F6: New and expensive home appliances, Selected porcelain, Life bedding
F7: Children's wear, Toys, Hanlai Harbor Restaurant
F8: Shishang View Restaurant, Food street

Special brands

Three department stores own their respective principal brands, reducing homogeneous products, and mutual competition. In the aspect of food, Dayeh Takashimaya has more restaurants; in terms of brand diversity, SOGO Tianmu Store is a better choice; for movie-goers, only Shin Kong Mitsukoshi offers movie theaters. Three department stores have their respective advantages so that they don't worry that consumers will visit only one of them. It may be the reason for them to survive here.

Special activities

Upon festival celebration, shopping festivals or their respective anniversaries, the activities of three department stores try to avoid mutual competition. Of course, they compete with each other occasionally. As a result, consumers can compare the price.