Construction planning, Wuhsiang Residence, Huaku Sky Garden


The architecture in Tianmu is like artwork full of great sense of design.

Tianmu is developed slowly on farmlands and one-story houses, and has experienced the baptism of many foreign cultures, including the culture of the US army in the Japanese OccupationPeriod. The local construction planning is affected in turn, and exoticism can be seen everywhere. We also have observed that the architecture contains many delicate designs. By further study, we fount that the design philosophy of architecture in the early stage comes from the architects of US army in the Japanese Occupation Period, and the modern architecture also adopts this style. Many newly-built buildings are still integrated with western or Japanese architectural style so that we'd like to learn about the story of Tianmu's residence based on the architectural design.

Construction planning

Aiming at Tianmu area, the government at that time planned to create it as high-grade and high-quality residence, sports and leisure place, and special business district. Many foreigners also live in the north part of Tianmu, so many foreign characteristics are formed and integrated into the local living environment, such as foreign food restaurants, special shopping environment, diversified types of imported goods, and foreign festivals.
The main detailed key points are:
1. Building it as high-quality residential community, special business streets with exoticism, Chishanyan historic site, and surrounding resources of mountain and water, and forming quality living environment.
2. Cooperating with Shihlin Electric & Engineering development plan (SOGO Tianmu Store) and the stationing of digital arts center to build a quality dwelling environment.

Wuhsiang Residence

The overall style of Wuhsiang Residence is integrated with the design style of Japanese architecture and the design philosophy of the designer Hsueh-yi Chien. During the construction of Wuhsiang Residence, the method of non-decorated model was used. Water mould is the construction material directly made of concrete without excessive decorations after reinforced concrete is grouted and demoulded, showing the plain and natural characteristic. Phonho Design Company mentions that, during the construction, the method of creating the overall quality of construction is significant. Few builders in Taiwan were willing to take the risk. As the climate in Taipei is humid and rainy, the construction of non-decorated model is more difficult. For the first try, Phonho grouted three non-decorated model walls with the same material beside the foundation. During the four years of construction, different coatings were applied in the test of surface coating to learn about which layer can achieve the best protection in the weather environment of Tianmu. Although the customers cannot see the engineering, it is the promise of Phonho to be responsible for the architecture that is to stand on the land!

Address: No. 19, Ln. 173, Sec. 1, Zhongcheng Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111
Construction company: Phonho Design
Building orientation: Southeast
Designer: Hsueh-yi Chien
Shared elevator: One elevator for 1~2 households
Area of foundation: 220 ping
Planned area: 75~82 ping
Public facility ratio: About 33%
Construction planning: 10 floors overground/3 floors underground
Main structure: Reinforced concrete
Total number of households: 14 households
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Huaku Sky Garden

Huaku Sky Garden is the elite building built by Huaku Development. Located at the street to the south of Tianmu E. Rd. and the west of Ln. 8, Tianmu E. Rd., the address is No. 8, Tianmu E. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City, which is the former address of Tianmu Home of Saint Protectory. With the area of foundation is about 1729 ping, it is adjacent to Taipei American School and Taipei Japanese School. With 38 floors, the building is 156.7 meters high and has 73 households in total. The area per household is 178m2, and every household is provided with an open balcony more than 7 meters high. An indoor heated swimming pool is set on the 2nd floor. The architecture is designed by WOHA construction team from Singapore. With the requirements of preventing earthquake and typhoon, solid and symmetric structural framework is adopted, promoting the multi-scale Chinese pane presented by extra-large structural framework and delicate metal filigree. Green wall as high as 7 meters is covered outside the first floor to hide the building in the city and form an invisible green belt to connect with the adjacent park.

Location of base: No. 8, Tianmu E. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City
Product planning: 38 floors overground, 4 floors underground, 73 households
Investment construction: Huaku Development
Area of base: 1,729 ping
Area planning: About 178 ping, 73 households
Construction planning: Singapore WOHA Construction
Construction supervision: Jen Alkema Architect & Associates
Light planning: Ren-Kung Yao
Lobby public facility: Chuan-Yung Kuan, Te-Ju Hu
Art reservation: Jen Lee
Storey height: 38-story skyscraping building, 153m high
Establishment: 2017