Driving economy, Convenient shopping, Crowded people, Transfer of business district, Increase of housing price

Influence on life

Tianmu life is convenient and diversified

The living environment in Tianmu is very convenient. With three large department stores and the convenient public facilities and comfortable park green land, many industries are attracted to station here, driving the residential quality and the establishment of high-grade residence. The influence on us is comprehensive.

Driving the economy

In recent years, creative markets have developed all over Taiwan. They are held by private organizations at first, and resources input by governmental authorities recently, meaning that creative markets have become an important link of cultural brand. Lin (2009) suggested that the public groups participating in creative markets are deeply affected by the field characteristics around the creative market. As a result, it is better to choose the field combined with business district and with easy access as the place of creative market. Creative markets located at the periphery of business district in Taipei City are "The Red House Market for Artists & Designers" and "Tianmu Weekend Market". Both Ximen business district and Tianmu business district are the areas with active commercial tutorship in Taipei recently. However, the establishment background of Tianmu creative markets originates from the gradual depression of the development of Tianmu business district. It is expected to attract people by reshaping the business district with the help of highlights of creative market. Environmental analysis and consumer questionnaire are applied in this research to discuss whether Tianmu creative market has formed the relationship of coexistence and mutual prosperity with Tianmu business district, and plan the marketing strategy of Tianmu creative market based on the overall concept of business district development.

Convenient shopping

Department store is a large retail store selling various goods. Usually, comparatively expensive and large goods, costly furniture, and famous electric appliances are sold in department stores, as well as fashion clothes, cosmetics, imported toys, kitchen ware, and sporting goods. Generally, no fresh food is sold, and the food and beverage is offered in the food court and supermarkets. Except for department stores, there are various stores on the street of Tianmu, including traditional market, supermarket, convenience store, boutique clothes and coffee shops, which is very convenient for consumption and shopping.


We guess that one of the reasons for the crowds in Tianmu is movie theaters. For example, movie theaters and convenient traffic are the key factors of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi of Tianmu to attract people. Distribution of zones and internal space factors are of great influence on the flow of department stores. In addition, the department stores of Tianmu are mostly set at the intersection between vital communication lines and main arteries so that it is easy to gather the people from different places. Local residents attach great importance to family life and always go shopping together. For them, department stores are the good place for family outing and relaxation, but for consumers from other places, department store is the comparatively formal place of high-grade consumption so that the atmosphere brought by interior decoration is very important. As a result, a great deal of visitors also drives the local business of Tianmu.

Transfer of business district

We wonder that, when there is no department store in Tianmu, how the traditional stores transformed and how the consumers adapted to the shopping habit. We discover a paragraph of important data as follows: "What effect will the new venue of SOGO bring to Tianmu business district? Since the establishment of Dayeh Takashimaya in 1994, it is the sole department store in Tianmu business district. In addition to foreign residents, the consumption power of local residents is also great. They attach great importance to leisure and family life. Chih-Hsiung Wei said that stationing of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Tianmu business district provides little influence on the performance of Dayeh Takashimaya. Facing the crisis of transformation, Tianmu business district can no longer serve as a small business district. The deputy general manager of Dayeh Takashimaya—the so-called back garden and kitchen of Tianmu people—Chih-Hsiung Wei said that most of the customers coming to the department store before are in home dress, and some people even come wearing slippers! However, Dayeh Takashimaya needs to expand new customer sources. For the stationing of SOGO in Tianmu business district, he said optimistically, "SOGO brings the customers to Tianmu area like a metro".

Increase of housing price

Department stores can drive consumption and economic growth. Naturally, it can drive the economic heat of other industries. There are mountains and water in Tianmu, with the help of stationing of department stores, such as Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Dayeh Takashimaya, the living function is improved. Although there is no metro in Tianmu, with the opening of SOGO, the house market of the entire Tianmu is driven to a high point. In the aspect of housing price, the price in Tianmu is always stable. For example, the unit price of a 20-year-old apartment is NTD 290,000~310,000/ping in 2007, and NTD 300,000~320,000/ping in 2009. For luxury buildings with the age of 15 years, the average unit price is NTD 470,000/ping in 2007 and NTD 490,000~510,000/ping in 2009. From the aspect of data, it is not affected by the financial storm of last year but slightly increased. The villa areas in Tianmu area and Yangmingshan attract many people with upper middle income due to the excellent residential quality and environment.