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Origin of the name of Tianmu

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Origin of the name of Tianmu


Role name: Lance, Bai
Context: After the class of society, the classmates are discussing the history of Tianmu.

Lance: By the way, do you know why Tianmu is called Tianmu?
(expression or action)

Bai: Is Tianmu the mother of god?

Lance: Let's go borrow a book tomorrow to check the data.

On the next day, Lance borrows a book about Tianmu and is going to run to Bai for discussion.

Lance: Bai! Bai! I borrow a book about Tianmu. Let's discuss!

Bai: Okay! Let's open it!

Lance and Bai start reading.

Context: In ancient times, Lance = a foreigner, Bai = a Han person
(expression or action)

Foreigner: Where am I?

Han person: I cannot understand you. (Taiwanese)

Foreign: Oh! Tianmu!

Scene: Classroom

Bai: You really know it! But I have found another saying that Tianmu is evolved by the Saint Mother called by Japanese in the Japanese Occupation Period.

Lance: Nobody knows the real origin of Tianmu! Let's go home to ask our parents which origin do they support!