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Architectural design of Tianmu

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Architectural design of Tianmu


Scene: Lance and Bai are walking on Yangmingshan and overlooking the scenery of Tianmu.

Lance: How vast! Tianmu faces mountain on one side and sea on the other. So beautiful!

Bai: See, the tallest building of Tianmu Huaku Sky Garden. It is so pretty! The clathrate appearance is so attracting. I've heard that my mother's friend's child's teacher's friend's mother's daughter lives there!

Lance: Wow! She must be very rich! I also know that there is a special building with inclined roof in Tianmu. It is hidden in lanes and called Wuhsiang Residence.

Bai: Why is it called Wuhsiang?

Lance: I've no idea!

Bai: Why is the roof inclined?

Lance: I don't know!

Bai: What do you know? Never mind, how about checking the data?
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Lance: Wow! There are so many rich materials on this web page.

Bai: They have visited already!