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Interest of shopping in department stores

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Interest of shopping in department stores


Setting: Bai and Lance are discussing at the shopping plaza.

Bai: Why are you here?

Lance: I am window shopping here and buy some articles of daily use. (Grey is standing beside Lance)

Lance: What about you?

Bai: Me? I am going to the 4th floor to buy some clothes.

Lance: Great, I am going there as well!

Bai: Let's go together!

Act 2
Lance and Bai are buying clothes

Lance: This department store is convenient. The classification of every floor is in order!

Bai: The classification provides convenience for the customers!

Bai: Especially, there are different zones for men, women and kids.

Lance: Grey! Where are you going! (Grey is running to the store selling dog cans)

Bai: Let's go!