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Moments of campus life

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Moments of campus life


Roles: Lance, Bai

Scene: Corridor of the school (chatting while walking)

Lance: What's your favorite class at school?

Bai: Computer. The computer teacher allows us to play some equipment that we cannot usually see in other places.

Lance: Right. The computer teacher has so much equipment, even the latest VR glasses. No controller is required! It's a lot of fun!

Bai: Exactly! There is also a McQueen car that we can write a program to control it by ourselves. It is also interesting!

Lance: Yes. And the UAV can circle in the sky and take photos!

Bai: Don't forget the 3D printing. We can design something in the computer and print it out!

Lance: There is also a game that we can attach others' islands to increase our own number of islands!

Bai: Pagamo, right?

Lance: Yes, that's it!

Bai: After all, what's your favorite class?

Lance: Dismissed, class!