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Diary of family life

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Diary of family life


Act 1
Setting: Street of Tianmu

Bai: Does anything happen at school today?

Lance: Emm... Yes! A classmate entertained us with cake today!

Bai: Did you say happy birthday to him?

Lance: Of course!

Lance: Speaking of food, I am so hungry.

Bai: Where would you like to eat?

Lance: Shall we go to the department store?

Bai: Sure! But we need to wait for a long time now.

Lance: Can you cook?

Bai: No problem, but I need to buy something at Shidong Market first.

Lance: Okay, I'll go with you.

Act 2
Setting: Home (after buying the food)

Lance: Mom, the market just now is so clean!

Bai: It can be called the cleanest traditional market in Taiwan!

Bai: I'm going to cook now. Don't disturb me.