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Park in Tianmu

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Park in Tianmu


Act 1
Lance is walking the dog on the road and plans to play at every park of Tianmu. By accident, she met Bai on the way.

Bai: Hi! Lance, what are you doing here? Who is this puppy?
(wave the hand)

Lance: I came out to walk the dog. This is Hui.
(point to Hui)

Hui: Woof!

Bai: I'm going to take exercises at Tianmu Sports Park.

Lance: What a coincidence! Me, too!

Bai: Let's go together!

Lance: Okay.

Act 2
Lance and Bai are in the park

Lance: Wow! The park is so big!

Bai: Let's go to the newly built ultra-high slide first.

Lance: Okay, sounds good.

Act 3

Bai: Here it is! See!
Lance: It's so high. I have acrophobia.
Bai: It doesn't matter. Try for once to experience it.
Lance: Fine.
Act 4

Lance: Ah!!!

Starts to rain heavily

Lance: Let's hurry home!

They leave separately.