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Tianmu Food No.1

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Tianmu Food No.1


Setting: Lance and Bai are in the food court of a department store in Tianmu, and looking for something to eat.

Lance: I hear that the food of Tianmu is delicious. But I don't know what the famous food of Tianmu are. (scratch the head)

Bai: Oh... Me, either. (scratch the head)

Lance: (put the hand down) Ah! I remember! We live in 2021! We can google!

Bai: (put down the hand) Right! Let's google before I'm starved.
(tell Bai: Give me 3 minutes)

Lance: (raise the hand) I know! There are a lot of delicious exotic food in Tianmu, such as French bread, ramen, and curry rice.

Bai: Let's go to have the curry rice!

Lance: Are you that hungry?