About the Project

(1)Project Narrative

Project URL: Main Site // Backup site
Our School's Web Site:Web site of Sanyu Primary School
Project completion date:2019/02/20
School: Sanyu Primary School
County: Shilin District, Taipei City
Teachers: Li-wei Sung, I-hung Lin, Chih-chieh Chan
Number of students: 10
Ages of students: 10-12
E-mail: lwsung@syups.tp.edu.tw

(2)Project Overview

Category: Historical Landmarks
Description of Our Community:
    Sanyu Primary School was founded in 1993 and is located at the foot of Yangming Mountain, which has rich natural resources. From the windows of each classroom, we can see green mountains, trees and even hear songs of birds. Our school also has a rainwater recycling house. Moreover, we have established Taipei City School Meteorological Observatory, which shows our school values environmental protection. Tianmu sport park is located near Sanyu Primary School, where people can go to exercise and breathe fresh air. Walking along the Tianmu ancient path we can get close to the mountain and feel comfortable and cool. The reason why the air near the school is good is that Taipei city provides free electric buses for local residents, and this can greatly reduce air pollution.

Summary of Our Project:
    Tianmu White House is a historic monument. When Korean War broke out in 1950s, the United States and the Republic of China signed the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty. In order to settle the American troops in Taiwan, the government built the houses and dormitories for them. After the United States severed diplomatic ties with the Republic of China, the U.S. troops were withdrawn from Taiwan. The four U.S. military dormitories, each of which occupies an area of hundreds of square meters, were sold one after another and converted into modern buildings. The so-called Tianmu White House is now the only precious one left. In order to let the residents who used to live there regain the memory of living there at that time, we have used technologies of 3D printer to print out and compare the models of U.S. military dormitories built by the government in 1950s and only Tianmu White House left, so that we can know more about Tianmu White House, the only one city-level historic site, which is precious and beautiful.

(3)Project Elements

* Please explain how your team's project is in line with the goals and objectives of the "Taiwan School CyberFair": Tianmu White House is an important cultural asset and a monument in the city. We want more people to know about it, not only its origin, but also our integrated information technology to reappear the history. Therefore, we used 3D printing technology to make people notice and attach importance to this last remaining building.
What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project? 1. Telephone and E-mail: Contact the bank person in charge of Tianmu White House. 2. Digital camcorder and camera: make films and take photos for records during the visits. 3.3D printer: Tianmu White House is drawn by a 3D painter and 3D Builder, and then printed by a 3D printer. 4. Recorder pen: used for interview recording and putting the contents into transcripts. 5. Computer Software: Photocap/movie maker/xmind/3d painter/3d builder/word/sketchup 2016/adobe brackets 6. Field interview: interview question design and field interview.
Photocap/movie maker/xmind/Paint 3D /3d builder/Word/sketchup2016/adobe brackets

(3 teachers. 10 students)

Experience, specialty

Teacher Li-wei

Teacher I-hung

Teacher Chih-chieh


Hello everyone, I am Ping-hsin Tu. I am very glad that I have joined the Cyberfair project team. Our team name is Magic Computer Team. Our topic is about local historical monument. The theme is to copy the surviving Tianmu White House (Tianmu White House was built in 1953). It was the base of US military advisory group in the 1950s. We want to copy the Tianmu White House through 3D printing. We have the reference, interview, collection, webpage and record groups. I am a member of the interview, record and webpage groups (all are members are webpage group). I have learned how to use 3Doolder and design interview questions (from easy to difficult). Thank teachers for giving me this opportunity.


Hi! My name is Pei-chang Liu. My interests are riding a bicycle, playing badminton and tennis. I also like to get close to nature, or go to the farm to feed cows, sheep, horses and rabbits. My specialty is playing badminton and speech. I once ranked 2nd place in the Mandarin Chinese Speech Contest and the English Speech Contest on campus, and also participated in the regional competition on behalf of Hess School Tianmu. I also like to take pictures. My father taught many secrets. This time, one of my jobs in the Cyberfair project is to take pictures. I hope this competition will get good results!


I am Chi-hao Lin and in class five grade five of Sanyu Elementary School. This time we discussed the Cyberfair project for a long time and finally decided the theme "Copy of the only beautiful White House". Our topic is a local historical monument. The group I am responsible for is the documentation and record groups. We discussed the theme in the first class. After the theme was decided, we began to draw the mind map, assign work and draw a 3D map of Tianmu White House. At the end of the semester, the teacher bought a new 3D printer. We have printed our painted Tianmu White House. I hope this contest can be successfully completed.


My name is Chih-yu Lin. My specialty is speech. In this Cyberfair project, I learned how to make 3D drawings. I am very happy to be here. I stumbled on this project and at first I had no expectations. The actual work is more difficult and interesting than imagined! Our task is to copy "Tianmu White House". During the process, I have learned about the history of Tianmu White House, and saw the old photos of background. The most difficult and interesting thing is 3D drawing, because it has to go through a lot of procedures. It is very time consuming but very worthwhile.


Since joining the Cyberfair project team at Sanyu Elementary School, I have learned a lot of things, like 3D drawing, making White House with Minecraft, collecting information, making web pages. I have found what's the most important is teamwork. We all had our own work to do. Some collected data, some recorded the situation of the day, some organized all the information, and some made web pages. We have learned a lot in this team, and we also want to thank the teacher for giving us such an opportunity.


Hello everyone, my name is Chin-Chang. In the Cyberfair project I have learned a lot of things that I didn't know before, for example: 3D drawings, making video with computer programs. history of Tianmu White House, etc. I am a member of the record group. The difficult job of this group is to write a report because at the beginning we always forgotten what we did. At last, we only had to rely on photos to recall what we had done. Thus, writing a report is hard. I hope to participate in such activity at high school in the future.


My name is Yu-chieh Lai. This is my first time to participate in the Cyberfair project. I think the most difficult job is writing Project Narrative and introducing our school and local place. I racked my brains to introduce the school and our team. When we use 3Doolder, it is difficult to draw the blocks scattered throughout the house. If not matched, they must be reworked. I am very happy to join this team. This project has taught me a lot of things. I hope we can get the first place!


Hello everyone, I am Hsiao-ting Lin, my specialty is mathematics, my interest is to do scientific experiments, I also like to read books about science. This is my first time to participate in the Cyberfair project. Our topic is to copy Tianmu White House. I think the most annoying part job is doing 3D printing, because every time you do something you have to change the perspective to see if there's anything that doesn't fit. Among them, windows are the most difficult to make. Sometimes, the windows are often separated when the perspectives are changed. I encountered many difficulties, but I feel this experience is very rewarding!


Hello everyone, I am Chi-an. I have learned a lot about making webpage in the Cyberfair project. We not only play games, but also deeply understand the knowledge inside. For example: drawing 3D Tianmu White House, and collecting information on the website which is also a challenge. Don't think that collecting data is very easy because it is very difficult to find the most suitable information. I also made virtual Tianmu White House with Minecraft. Minecraft is not only used for playing but also applied in the web. I have learned lots of knowledge!

Feng Chi

Our topic is Tianmu White house, an historical architecture that was used as a military base in the 1950s. In the 1950s, the Government of the Republic of China acquire the agricultural lands around the area and developed it into a residential area to house the United States (US) Armed Forces during the Korean War to defend Taiwan from Mainland China attack.In 2014, the house ownership was transferred from Bank of Taiwan to Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office. The house was opened to the public on 20 July 2016. The Tianmu White house was used for many different reasons, including military bases, and also to shoot movies (Magicians of Love). Furthermore, Tianmu White house is just a surviving historical building, and in our topic, we aim to use 3d printing to copy and make the original(as in when it was used for military base)Tianmu White house. 3d Printing is a complicated program, where melted plastic is used for layers, and the machine builds it, following your programs.