We are curious about the historical interests and secrets on Shuiguan Road! Annual Aqueduct Festival is attractive. However, we have the intention to change the simple entrance of Shuiguan Road. Thus, we present our imagination by Augmented Reality and 3D graphic design.

Introduction of video


In the process of Cyberfair project, we obtained plenty of things and it is our record of process.
(Film making: Sheng-wei/Cheng-wei)


It is the research process of the whole competition and it is transformed into one interesting ebook. Please read it. (Author:Chi-yuan)

Opening ebook

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Research framework and plan

1 Year of Shuiguan Road to the present (year)
1 Finish of hand drawing drafting of entrance design (piece)
1 Finish of 3D entrance graphic design (piece)
1 Number of students participated in this project
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Old Tianmu Hiking Trail(Shuiguan Road) - Don't forget your roots. - Cyberfair 2017