Current Conditions

Environmentally friendly, clean and hygienic, Shidong Market is a five-star market located in Tianmu with air-conditioned, clean and bright space and a green building equipped with solar facilities.

Market planning

The stereotyped image of a traditional market given to people is messy and unhygienic generally. However, there is a market in Taipei City enjoying the title of “the most nice-looking market” where instead of selling the high-price general merchandise, it has a supermarket-like image and comfort. After the re-design by the professional team, it even combines the word of “fashion” with the market. The Shidong Market located in Tianmu business area has totally changed the crowded and messy impression of markets left on people with its bright, tall and spacious space. Moreover, because of strictly implementing the policy of not letting bloody water falling on ground, the market is free of the smell of raw meat. Along with the good-quality and large variety of its fresh and raw food materials, food and general merchandise, it has been awarded with a four-star rating by the Central Region Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs. And, in addition to the environmental hygiene, Shidong Market is the only one traditional market providing shopping carts in Taipei City and only one of the two in Taiwan, providing more convenience to people in shopping. The fresh air enables people to feel the relaxed atmosphere of a beautiful environment even during shopping in the market. Shidong Market is characteristic of perfect environment and traffic flow planning, bright lighting and friendly service attitude, which are all well received by the customers, as well as a sound self-governing management committee organization. The market’s inside and outside environment is both clean; the market stalls are clearly divided with the wet goods area in its middle where only wet goods are allowed to sell to keep the floor dry and hygienic. In the non-food department on the 2nd floor, the stalls are planned neatly bearing unified signs, the walkways are spacious and the commodities are orderly displayed. The food street is clean and hygienic where the floor of the walkway between the stalls is designed to be arced so that the sewage originally converging on the walkway flows to the drainage ditches on its both sides naturally to keep the floor dry. The vendors use the stainless-steel goods shelves that are capable of use for a long time and easy for cleaning. The garbage is handled by specially assigned personnel with the resources recycled and disposed in a centralized manner so that the environment is much cleaner and tidier.

Vendor categories

The Shidong Market at Shidong Road has been appraised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a 4-star excellent market and model market with a total of 255 stalls. There are 127 stalls on the first floor selling vegetables, flowers, meat, fish, groceries, etc.; and there are 128 stalls on the second floor celling everything like general merchandise, leather product, antiques, jewelry as well as food and drinks. The market not only retains the traditional market’s characteristics of commodity freshness and full of human touches; and through the modern hardware equipment provision, the stall partition and planning and the neatly configured, neat, bright and comfortable environment, it has fully exhibited a new look incorporating both the traditions and modern features and provided a kind of high-level consumption enjoyment to the nearby residents, having met the modern people’s demand and convenience of one-stop shopping.

Shidong Market #1


Shidong Market #2


Good relationship

In May 2016, a number of world-class designers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Hui-ling Huang (fashion designer), Chia-chi Yeh (CEO of Meissen), Po-yang Chu (Director of Hsuan Pin Design), Alfie Lin (Director of CNFlower) and Ryan Kuo (Director of Clearspace Design), came to Shidong Market to participate in the “Good Relationship” project to help 19 vendors to reconstruct their façade for free, changing the old stalls into the stall fronts both aesthetic and practical. Their purpose is to change the surroundings by everybody and start to take actions to make Taiwan beautiful. The beauty of the traditional market lies in the human touches and the most basic needs close to the essence of life. The stall fronts full of sense of quality and sense of design have attracted a large number of media reports, Shidong Market becomes famous instantly and some tourists even come from afar to visit it. For the whole project, in addition to the fund of 20 million NTD provided by Taipei City Government, the market’s self-governing committee has also actively raised funds and some vendors even pay on their own for the reconstruction design.

Environmental issues

The market’s inside and outside environment is both clean; the professional market stall division is clear and fixed with the wet goods area in its middle where only wet goods are allowed to sell to keep the floor dry and hygienic. The garbage classification is applied in the market with the resources recycled and disposed in a centralized manner and managed by dedicated personnel. In recent years, Shidong Market has also been making meticulous efforts on the green energy saving and power saving diligently. In addition to installing the 60.2KW solar panels on roof and adopting the rainwater recovery, the market has also actively improved the electric equipment, for example, increasing the electric power’s power factor, changing all public lamps in the business premises into the energy-saving lamps or LED lamps, changing all exit and evacuation indicator lamps into LED energy-saving lamps and installing air doors at all entrance doors to reduce the energy wasting. After the old water chilling unit was replaced with the highly efficient and energy-saving water chilling unit after the Dragon Boat Festival this year, the energy saving benefit is even more obvious. A lot of potted green plants are placed in Shidong Market to beautify the environment. As for the garbage classification, the vendors conduct the classification automatically and voluntarily. The articles of resources recycling are sold every week, which has increased the income to the fund of the self-governing committee. Since the energy saving and power saving work must be continued, the self-governing committee of Shidong Market will put more efforts into it. We also encourage the vendors to voluntarily change to use the more energy-saving lamps and freezers in the expectation of actually achieving the purpose of energy saving.

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