Arduino+Air quality detector


Arduino is an open source single chip microcontroller. It uses the Atmel AVR single chip, adopts the open source software and hardware platforms constructed on the simple output/input (simple I/O) interface board, and possesses an Processing/Wiring development environment using the languages like Java and C language. The circuit diagram design is based on the Creative Commons open source code.


Arduino can use the ICSP on-line burn-in device to burn the Bootloader into the new IC chip. The hardware design documents can be obtained from the Arduino’s official website and used to adjust the circuit board and components to meet the actual design requirements. It can also be simply connected with the sensors and all kinds of electronic components, such as infrared ray, ultrasonic wave, thermistor, photoresistor, servo motor, gas detector, etc.

**Arduino IDE


1.Apple iphone 4s

2.Arduino Wemos D1(Esp8266 wifi)

3. MQ-135 (Ammonia, benzene, alcohol detector)

4. MQ-9 (Carbon monoxide, methane)

5. DHT11 (Temperature, Humidity)


1. Use mobile phone hotspots to connect devices to Wifi networks.

2. Arduino+MQ gas detector automatically uploads the data to the ThingSpeak through the Wifi to form a chart.

Air quality data of Shidong Market

Data recorded at 2018/03/13 16:30 ~ 17:30

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Reference standard



Harmful gas:below 200 - normal air, 200~750- air quality is poor, more than 750 - dangerous

Carbon monoxide and natural gas: less than 100 - safety, more than 100 dangerous

Future Vision

The solution of the Internet of things

•If the temperature and humidity in the air are too high, it may affect food or fresh food.

--> With the Arduino connected to wireless network, air conditioning can be activated for automatic cooling or dehumidification.

•If the carbon monoxide or natural gas is detected in the air, such leakage may cause the risk of poisoning.

-->With the Arduino connected to the wireless network, the gas is cut off while the pump is open, and the alarm can be sent to the fire department.

Shidong market air quality

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